Board of Directors

    Executive Committee

  • President - Daryl Lonien, H2oToGo/Opal Springs Water Company
  • Vice President - Ross Rosette, H2Oregon Premium Bottled Water
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Kevin Espy, Idaho Ice Bottled Water
  • Executive Director/VP - Tim Dougherty, NWBWA
  • Directors

  • Justin Allensworth, South Fork Coffee Company
  • J. Scott Hunting, Culligan of SE & Central Washington
  • Lynette MacFee, The Waterways Company
  • Megan McGuffin, Clearwater Springs
  • Kari Mondt, Blackhawk Molding Company

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The NWBWA closely follows the goals and objectives of the International Bottled Water Association. Our close ties to IBWA allow us to offer many educational and technical programs that might not otherwise be available to unsubscribed members.
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